Auto Repair Shop vs. Dealership : Which Car Repair Service Should I Use after my warranty period?

Auto Repair Shop vs. Dealership : Which Car Repair Service Should I Use after my warranty period?

When you need car repair in Dubai, and at the time of service, you expect that to be completed within no time and at an affordable price. But it is always a dilemma for the car owner whether to take it to an auto repair workshop or dealership service centre. Here, we are trying to clear this issue for you. You need to consider the following five things before handing your car to any service centre.

The most deciding factor - Price

The essential thing you need to take into account is the pricing, and it is the deciding factor whether a service centre is suitable for you or not. We cannot simply fix one option based on these criteria. It varies from individual to individual. Some believe that dealerships overcharge, while others believe independent garages do the same. It is advisable to go with an auto repair shop once the warranty expires because, on average, the service cost would be more with dealers than a corner centre for car repair in Dubai. Of course, less expensive isn't necessarily better, mainly if the repairs aren't done correctly. 

Goodwill can not be gained overnight - Consider the reputation of the dealer or auto service

Customers talk, and their stories can point you toward the greatest auto repair shop in town. Do some study before driving a car somewhere. See what customers have to say on the websites of local dealerships and car services in Dubai. Look for places that have a lot of favorable feedback. Talk to someone who has used the shop's services if at all possible. A reputable dealership or independent garage will also provide a warm, personal touch, which takes us to the next point to consider.

Employees at a dealership are likely to be exceptionally educated about the brand of car they specialize in repairing. However, you'll almost certainly have multiple different mechanics working on your vehicle from one visit to the next. You might not even meet the technician, let alone get to know him. You and your technician can get to know one another more efficiently in a local vehicle repair shop. It's comforting to know that a trustworthy buddy is trying to get you back on the road.

Original Parts always extend the lifetime of your car

One of the most significant distinctions between a dealership and an independent garage is the parts used to fix your vehicle. There are many fallacies regarding choosing the proper parts, but in the end, a little research can help you make an informed decision. True, the dealer only utilizes original equipment from the car's manufacturer, which is generally of good quality. On the other hand, other brands can be just as good as the automaker's parts and are usually less expensive. The main difference is that a dealer won't be able to sell you a less-priced (but equally effective) item, whereas a local auto shop can readily do so, giving you the alternative. You don't have to utilize a dealer if your vehicle is still under warranty. Many local repair companies are adept at handling warranties. 

Is it nearby your location?

For the most part, dealers only have one repair site where you can go. You must drive to that one location in town where your automobile brand is sold unless you live or work nearby. This can waste time and money on gas and be inconvenient. Independent vehicle repair businesses can be found all over town, and some are even within walking distance of your house or office, making it quite convenient to visit.

Final Words

In the end, it's up to you to decide how you want to spend your time and money. Local auto garages generally have the same amount of competence with your automobile brand as dealerships, plus they can give you that personal touch you want and enjoy while having your car fixed for the best performance.

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Auto Repair Shop vs. Dealership : Which Car Repair Service Should I Use after my warranty period?
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