car recovery services

Mobile Car Wash and
Car Detailing in Dubai

We are Dubai’s 1st Mobile Car Wash App, providing Steam-powered cleaning and disinfectant detailing right at your doorsteps.

SNASH mobile service is top-rated among Dubai residents since launching the first of a kind service in 2016.


Mobile Car Service and
Car Maintenance in Dubai

Our latest offering through online services. Our team will pick your car with a series of clicks- gets it serviced in our professional network of workshops across UAE - update you on each step, and deliver it back to you at the promised time.

car recovery services dubai
car service in Dubai

Car Tinting in Dubai

Professional workmanship at your convenience. No need to drive around the town , wait for hours for installation to complete. Sit back and relax at your home once the selection of film is done from our wide range heat rejection films.


Car Care in Dubai

Your car needs a new identity, and SNASH is the place to get it done.
You can select from Polishing, Car Tinting, PPF, Wrapping & Ceramic Coating for your car. If required, the car can be Picked & Dropped at your convenience.

car recovery services