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We are Dubai's 1st mobile car wash app, serving customer at doorstep since 2016. Steam Car Wash & Deep Interior detailing right at your doorstep.

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We are Dubai's first Mobile Car Wash App, bringing you steam-powered washing and disinfection detailing straight to your door. Since introducing the first-of-its-kind service in 2016, the CarSME mobile service has been the most popular among Dubai residents. Steam-powered car wash in Dubai uses a revolutionary system that is changing the entire car wash industry around the globe. There is end number of benefits when you choose for steam car wash in Dubai. Steam cleaning your car enables users to clean up all the dirt on the paint without damaging it; hence it's a steam wash. We are helping the ecosystem by saving 80% of water for a regular car wash. Steam wash doesn't need any chemical solution to clean the surface. Steam is the cleaning agent to clean the car, removing wax, tar, and other compounds from chrome, mouldings, and bumpers easily, quickly, and completely. Apart from this, CarSME uses high-grade microfibers to ensure that your car is free from swirl marks.

Step 1 – Download the SNASH Booking app from Playstore or Appstore or Login to our website.
Step 2: Sign up using your mobile number.
Step 3 – Select mobile car wash service.
Step 4: Enter vehicle and location details and schedule your booking.
That's it; it's that simple to book a car wash in Dubai. The CarSME team will be on your doorstep at the scheduled time.

CarSME team knows the value of our customer's time. That is one of the main reasons why our customers opt for a mobile car wash. Generally, we complete our mobile car wash service within 1 hour. For example, if you scheduled your car wash at 4:00 PM for a mobile car, By 5:00 PM, your car will be dazzling clean.

Professional Car Detailing and Mobile Car Washing in Dubai

Don't settle for an average car wash. Choose our professional detailing and mobile washing services in Dubai, Book now for a spotless ride!

Mobile car washing and car detailing are the two most frequently opted services in Dubai by many car owners. These services help car owners in maintaining the condition, performance, and look of their cars. Indeed, car detailing and car wash in Dubai of great importance for keeping your vehicle shiny, clean, and fully protected from harsh elements.

We at Snash Car work with many car detailers who render world-class professional solutions for car detailing in Dubai. Our detailer first cleans your vehicles. Auto experts then restore both the interior surface and also exterior of your vehicle. They start the process by washing your car to remove dust, dirt, and grime from the exterior of your vehicle.

After completion of the washing process, the car detailer uses various techniques and equipment for removing swirls, dust, or scratches on the exterior of your vehicle. They also perform car polishing and waxing of your car to offer it a completely smooth and shiny finish.

We at Snash Car also have a tie with many companies that provide mobile car wash services in Dubai. When you hire this service, experts will come to your home to wash your vehicle. They indeed bring all the necessary equipment for washing your cars. Our service providers employ mainly experienced professionals who possess vast experience in car washing and car detailing services in Dubai.

Reasons to Opt for Mobile Car Wash and Car Detailing Services

Both car detailing and mobile car washing services have become highly popular and witnessed their fast-growing demand in today's time. They include a plethora of benefits for many car owners and thus give them value for money. Some of the benefits of mobile car wash and car detailing are as follows.


Be it car detailing or mobile car services, these are highly beneficial for all those car owners who are busy with their hectic day-to-day routines. These services don't need car owners to visit any specific location. Rather, service providers come to their location. These service providers can visit any location be it at their home or office address.

Enhance Car Appearance

Another advantage of opting for home car detailing services and car washing services in Dubai is they help car owners improve the appearance of their cars. They clean the car perfectly by removing dirt and various other external contaminants, and more. These contaminants not only make the look of your car bad but also damage the exterior.

Save Time

Both of these services are good for time-saving. Once you opt for these services, they prevent you from spending your valuable hours waiting for your vehicles to be washed and fixed at any particular location. And thus, you can utilize this time for your other important work as well.


Both services including mobile car washing and car detailing in Dubai are eco-friendly compared to traditional services. These services need less amount of water and also less use of chemicals. In other words, these services help conserve natural resources and thus are helpful for minimizing environmental pollution.

How Mobile Car Wash and Car Detailing Works

When it comes to the mobile car wash, it's a type of service that is related to cleaning your vehicles with the use of soap, water, and also various cleaning agents. A mobile car wash company in Dubai has a team of professionals who visit your location to provide this service. The team visits your place with the necessary equipment, a van with a water tank, cleaning agents, a pressure washer, etc.

The team starts the process by making a thorough assessment of your vehicle and then finding out the type of cleaning it needs. After this, they use a pressure washer for removing all types of dirt, stains, and grime from the exterior of cars. They then apply soap and also then use a soft brush for scrubbing the surface of the car. They finally wash a car with clean water and dry it with the use of a microfiber tower.

As far as car detailing is concerned, its process involves cleaning your vehicle thoroughly inside and outside. We at Snash Car have a close tie-up with many mobile detailing companies that possess higher proficiency in car detailing services and have a good track record. Professionals will visit your location to serve you.

The team then starts the process by washing the exterior of your vehicles with the use of soap, a pressure washer, etc. These professionals then also use a clay bar for removing contaminants that are not removed, especially during the initial wash. They never leave any stone unturned when it comes to cleaning the interior of your car thoroughly. The team generally vacuums the carpets, seats, floor mats, etc. They also wipe the window, door mats, etc. They also clean and condition the leather seat of your car.

Hire a Right Mobile Car Wash and Car Detailing Services in Dubai

Dubai is a place that accommodates the majority of car owners. The city also accommodates various car detailing and washing services. So, if you are finding any such services in Dubai, you will not face any kind of problem for the same. All you need to do is to choose the right car detailing and washing services that render world-class services, eco-friendly options, customized services, have necessary certifications, etc.

We at Snash Car have a network of reputed companies that render top-notch services in mobile car wash and car detailing in Dubai. We pride ourselves on rendering top-quality services that match requirements and expectations of our customers. Our service provider has a team of professionals who use only advanced equipment for car washing and detailing.

Whether you need customizable or eco-friendly solutions for car washing and details, we at Snash Car are your one-stop destination. We offer these services at a budget-friendly cost.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Shiny Car in Dubai

Following are certain tips and tricks that you should follow to clean your car and make it shiny. Take a look.

Wash Car Regularly

Regular car washing is one of the crucial steps that help you maintain a clean car. If you are in Dubai, it's advisable to perform car washing at least once a week. It helps you remove accumulated dirt and dust. Always use a good-quality shampoo and also a soft brush, which prevents any damage. Always use a microfiber cloth when wiping after rinsing your car.

Wheel Cleaning

Wheel cleaning is another crucial task that you need to perform as well. These are the dirtiest parts of your vehicle. So, you need to pay special attention when it comes to cleaning your car.


Car waxing is something that keeps great importance when it comes to protecting the paint from debris, dust, and UV rays. However, you should always use a top-quality car wax every 3 months, which indeed helps you keep your car shiny and also fully protected.

Clean Interior

Interior cleaning is as crucial as external cleaning. It indeed helps you keep your car fresh. You should always go for using a vacuum cleaner for removing the dust that gets accumulated in seats, carpets, upholstery, dashboard, etc.

Leather Protection

Leather seats are common for many cars these days. If your car also has leather seats, you should use a leather cleaner to protect it. You can also use a leather conditioner to make the leather seat soft.