Tint your car before it gets too hot - This summer, follow these 6 expert tips for your car care in Dubai

Tint your car before it gets too hot - This summer, follow these 6 expert tips for your car care in Dubai

Many automotive accessories make your car seem "cool," but can they keep your car cool? Car window tinting comes under the latter category, and its popularity has grown over time.

 There's a reason why you'll notice automobiles with tinted windows in the UAE, no matter where you travel. With low-transparency window tint, you can lower the heat inside your car by up to 70%. Furthermore, your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to cool the interior, reducing engine stress.

SNASH CarSME offers the best services for car tinting in Dubai.

 What does the law speak?

Window tinting is such a critical car modification that the UAE Federal Traffic Law was updated in 2017 to raise the allowed maximum for window tinting to 50%. (except for the front windscreen). Car tinting in Dubai is a must if you want to keep your car cool from the inside in the blistering desert sun. You'll also have a little more privacy now that the tint tolerance has been increased, all while abiding by the law. So, if your automobile needs window tinting or you need new window tinting, keep product quality in mind.

 The benefits of car tinting in Dubai

Protect your car’s cabin

Direct sunlight is not only hot and blinding, but it can also cause significant interior damage, such as cracking the dashboard or leather seats. Cracking isn't the only danger to watch out for. Colors can fade, and certain materials can unstick and start hanging down.

Car tinting in Dubai improves your health

Yes, having tinted windows in your car has real health benefits. While driving, a high-quality tint may block 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, keeping your skin safe. Driving in direct sunshine exposes your skin to direct sunlight, and being in the sun for an extended period might result in sunburn. Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses.

Protects you during accidents

The window tint holds everything together in the event of an accident, preventing the glass from shattering into shards. The obvious benefit is that you and your passengers will be safe from shards of glass flying all over the place in the case of an accident.

Increase your privacy and keep your belongings safe

You can protect yourself from prying eyes by tinting your car windows. Certain hue levels are more difficult to look through, preventing prying eyes from peeping in. Just keep in mind that the maximum tint percentage you can have in the UAE is 50% as a civilian.

 It also keeps crooks away from your car. Leaving anything costly in your cars, such as laptops and phones, and having tinted windows allows you to feel your vehicle and its contents are safe.

 Types of car window tinting

SNASH CarSME installs the coat of Global Window Films, USA, and ensures the reflection of light rays rejecting the heat. The black laminating film reduces the solar glare that filters through the car's windows, eliminating the sun glare from those windows.

 HP Car Window Tinting

 HP stands for 'high performance,' and it lives up to its name. HP Charcoal window tint from Global Window Films is unusual in that it is metabolized rather than dyed, and it can block up to 99 percent of UVA and UVB radiation. It is highly efficient, with a heat rejection rate of up to 50%. SNASH CarSME offers 3 years of warranty.

 Ceramic Car Window Tinting

Only ceramic tinting, which blocks nearly 99% of UV radiation, outperforms carbon fiber tinting in terms of performance. Ceramic goods do not fade over time or interfere with radio transmissions because they do not contain colors or metal particles. Because the ceramic particles don't transfer heat and have a heat rejection of 70%, they provide the same level of solar reflection as glass while also adding insulation and a 5-year warranty.

 IR Car Window Tinting

Its nano-ceramic composition allows it to reject up to 90% of infrared heat, keeping the interior of your car cool. For those who want the best of both worlds: aesthetics and heat resistance, IR window tint is the way to go. For IR window tint, SNASH CarSME provides a 7-year industry standard warranty.

 Tinting your car alone cannot keep you and your car in good condition. So this summer, you can take extra car care in Dubai with the following tips.

Here are 6 expert tips for your car care in Dubai for this summer

1.    Tire care is very important.

 During the hot summer in Dubai, make sure your tires are rotated and, most importantly, not worn out. Drivers should keep in mind that less air in the tire means more contact with the road, which causes the tire to heat up.

 2.    Park in a shady area.

 It's best to park in the shade, whether underground, in a covered car park, or beneath any other shady area, and use your sunshade there. If you can't find an enclosed place, park in the best direction possible, with the sun shining on the back window.

 3.    Has your vehicle been serviced?

Cars require more frequent service inspections during hotter weather, primarily due to overworked air conditioners and batteries. You can avoid future accidents by changing your oil and double-checking the status of your belt and battery.

 4.    Do not store objects that are under pressure.

During the summer, keep goods like lighters and perfume bottles out of your car. They could blow up, spewing dangerous substances into your vehicle.


 Final Words

 I hope you have become aware of the situations you may face during the hot summer of Dubai. Car care in Dubai has become a crucial point to increase car health. As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider.

In case you want to talk with our experts, SNASH has a special service to address your car concerns to our experts for FREE. That’s SNASH CarSME Expert. This provides an exclusive option to contact and have a virtual call to resolve the issue raised in the car from anywhere. If you need assistance with any of these, or if you simply need help with car care services in Dubai, don't hesitate to assign a meeting with  SNASH CarSME Expert as soon as possible. We will happily help in all your adverse circumstances, on time and in a polite manner.




Tint your car before it gets too hot - This summer, follow these 6 expert tips for your car care in Dubai
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