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  • UV Protection
  • Anti-Glare
  • Energy Efficiency
  • UV Protection
  • Anti-Glare
  • Energy Efficiency


Keeping our cars tinted to protect us from the hot environment of Dubai appears to be an urgent necessity. People are unaware of this. The tint on the car functions as a protective screen by absorbing the sun's rays that fall on it, lowering the amount of heat that enters the car's interior. Not only heat but car tinting can also help block harmful rays that enter the vehicle; this can help car interiors like seat covers and dashboards from color fading to preserve their quality for a longer period.

Yes, Of course, CarSME offers 3-5 years of warranty on car tinting in Dubai . In this warranty, we cover color fading and peeling issues of the tint.

Once we reach your doorstep after scheduling a mobile car tinting in Dubai, usually we take 2-3 hours to apply the tint on your vehicle. Just in case if you already have a tint on your car and want to apply a new one it will take 3-4 hours maximum to install tint on your car.

Car tinting in Dubai

Professional Car Window Tinting at your Door Step
Reflect Rays and keep the UV light at Bay!!

Dubai’s scorching sun makes it necessary for any car owner to tint the car’s window and put the scorching heat away. Do you know Sun rays comprise UV rays? One of the most harmful waves of the electromagnetic spectrum that indeed harms your skin. A minor tint with black film to the car’s windows can stop the rays from entering the car. Experience the opulence in the drive with car tinting in Dubai.

Keeping your car’s window transparent can allow hot Sun’s rays into the car. A perfect black tint to your car’s window within the limitations of government orders could increase your privacy. Besides, car window tinting is one upgrade that can make your car appear more expensive. Window tinting often entails the application of adhesive solar sheets to the windows without the need to remove them. It's a quick and simple technique.

Cool your car faster with car window tinting
Experience the cooler rides!!

We bring the technological advancements available to our customers. Snash CarSME installs the coat and ensures the reflection of light rays rejecting the heat. The black laminating film reduces the solar glare that filters through the car's windows, eliminating the sun glare from those windows. While you'll still need to watch out for glare from the front, you'll be able to drive with confidence, knowing that solar glare from the backseat won't be bothering you soon.

Our customers experience the coolest and most comfortable rides with car window tinting. Hey! If you don’t have tinted windows and want to keep your car’s interior cool, then surely you need to crank up AC in the car. The prolonged usage of AC at its highest tuner level may a rise in fuel consumption. Compared to untreated car glass, car window tinting can reject up to 63% solar energy. A cooler interior is more comfortable and might help you save money on air conditioning.

We have all the types you need
HP car window tinting

HP stands for 'high performance,' and it delivers on that promise. HP Charcoal window tint from world-renowned Global Window Films is unique because it is not simply a dyed tint; it is metabolized and may block up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays. It is efficient with up to 50% heat rejection. HP window tint is available in several opacities and colors to complement your vehicle while still adhering to state and municipal regulations. Every state regulates the amount of visible light transmission that a window tint can provide; thus, there is an HP Charcoal window tint to meet any need. SNASH, Car services in Dubaioffers three years of warranty.

HP Charcoal window tinting not only replicates the look of a classic window tint but also improves on it. HP Charcoal window tint features a sleek appearance and a range of color tones that will mix in well with your vehicle.

Ceramic Car window tinting

Only ceramic tinting outperforms carbon fibre tinting in terms of performance, blocking almost 99 percent of UV rays. Because ceramic goods do not include colours or metal particles, they do not fade over time or interfere with radio signals. Because the ceramic particles don't really transfer heat and achieve a heat rejection of 70%, they provide the same level of solar reflection while also adding insulation and a 5-year warranty. This means it's the optimum tint for blocking the sun's heat and lowering the car’s inside temperature by about half.

Ceramic coatings, like metallic tints, increase the shatter resistance of glass. It also benefits reducing glare without the need for a very dark tint. As a result, you can change the color of your vehicle without compromising the decrease of glare.

IR car window tinting

This window tint not only blocks UV rays and heat but also allows for optimal visibility. It also made these tints long-lasting, with no fading, peeling, or chipping. The ultimate in performance and style is IR automobile window tinting. It's constructed of nano-ceramic particles mixed with polyester film to match the factory color of a vehicle's tinted rear windows. Its nano-ceramic composition allows for up to 90% infrared heat rejection, which helps to keep the interior of your car cool. IR window tint is for those who desire the best of both worlds: aesthetics and heat resistance. We offer the industry standard warranty of 5years for IR window tint.

The best mobile car tinting service
We made it simple with mobile car tinting

Not everyone wants to bring their car to an auto body shop and then wait hours for it to be finished. SNASH CarSME is well-known in Dubai for providing the best mobile car services. Foremost, mobile tinting is a convenient way for car owners to get their windows tinted without having to take a substantial amount of time out of their day. Your vehicle will be treated with the same care as if it were in an auto body shop, but you won't have to leave your home. Nothing could be more comfortable when it comes to mobile car window tinting. We can tint your vehicle at a convenient time for you, so you don't have to rearrange any appointments or obligations. We can understand how valuable your time is and how busy your schedule is, and you shouldn't have to wait hours in an auto shop or be without a car while your tinting is being done.

You no need to go far to get the greatest tint job with mobile window tinting. Allow the specialists to come to you to be calm and assured throughout the process. Mobile tinting is done on your location; we’re available to you at any moment during the tinting process if you have any issues or questions.

Avail Our Top Class Mobile Car Window Tinting Service

Window tinting begins as little as AED 650 for a coupe, AED 750 for a saloon, and AED 850 for an SUV.
You can better evaluate which type of car window tint is best for your vehicle now that you better understand delivering the various types of car window tint. The good news is that there is something for nearly any budget.
It's critical to work with a reliable window tinting provider. A qualified expert will not only be able to supply you with more information about the benefits of different tinting materials, but they will also provide you with the assurance that the installation is done correctly. You may also rely on a professional to know the legal window tint percentage in Dubai or wherever you live.