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SNASH CarSME is an automotive platform where your vehicle is treated with the utmost care that offerscar wrapping in Dubai. We use the most advanced technology and the appropriate tools, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your vehicle's appearance or spend a fortune on it regularly.

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There are multiple services we offer for car care in Dubai . You can select from Polishing, Car Tinting, PPF (Paint Protection Film), Wrapping & Ceramic Coating for your car.

The wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal that is directly applied to the original paint. It is becoming more popular as people in Dubai begin to pay more attention to the exterior of their vehicles. Car wrapping in Dubai can be a solution if you have a favorite color that isn’t available from the factory. Moreover, numerous businesses in Dubai have wrapped their company cars in order to employ them as mobile billboards.

Your car may damage and dent from time to time. Use a paint protection film to shield your vehicle from them. This translucent film creates an unseen barrier specifically designed to protect cars, so no additional care is required. This film protects against minor scratches and dents daily. And this film always leaves your vehicle with a shining finish because there is a film preserving your car's paint; hence the color won't fade away, and the resale value will also increase.

Car polishing removes grease, grime, dirt, scrapes, and scratches from car paint. The detailer will use his polishing machine to level your car paint until the scratches are levelled or eliminated.

Ceramic coating is a clear coat that contains a liquid polymer. When a ceramic coating is applied to a car's body, the polymer forms a chemical bonding with the factory paint. Since the weather in Dubai is rather adverse, it is both difficult and vital to protect your car from all types of external components, such as UV rays, dust particles, stone chips, and so on. If you're seeking some preventive measures for your car to get rid of scratches, bird droppings, and stone chips, the CarSME ceramic coating in Dubai is the appropriate tool for you.

Even if your car is brand new, it may need to be polished, and some paint correction may be necessary. No one wants to be disturbed by a semi-permanent defect! Because the ceramic coating will seal those scratches and swirls under the coating, you won't be able to remove them without first removing your ceramic coating. Polishing the paint to correct defects is to deliver the perfect finish.

Car Care Service in Dubai

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SNASH CarSME is an automotive platform where your vehicle is treated with the utmost care that offers car wrapping in Dubai. We use the most advanced technology and the appropriate tools, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your vehicle's appearance or spend a fortune on it regularly.

Our Polishing experts can keep your Car Shine long.

At SNASH CarSME, we know how difficult summer is in the UAE. That makes car polishing a very important service for all cars in the UAE. Heat and UV radiation will degrade the Car's luster and paint, affecting its appearance and feel. Our professional team will assist you in preserving the originality of your vehicle for as long as possible. We understand that everyone wants their automobile to look its best, so we offer a high-quality polishing service.

Car polishing removes dirt, dust, grease, sticky compounds, scrapes, and scratches from the surface of your vehicle. It's typically included in auto detailing, but many owners choose to do it on their own and at different intervals. Creams, liquids, and foams of 3M car care and cleaning are the most commonly used products. We take pride in saying that we are the official distributors of 3M car care and cleaning products across Dubai. Solvents like turpentine are used as a polishing surfactant in these materials, removing impurities and allowing the surface to shine.

We detail the Car, not just install it with the Coat.

SNASH CarSME is a customer-focused center for car detailing in Dubai. specializing in nano-coating and is an expert in cleaning, Car Ceramic Coating, and safeguarding vehicles of all types. SNASH CarSME is one of the most popular and well-known names in the automotive sector, thanks to excellent workmanship, cutting-edge technology, environmentally friendly practices, and a dedicated crew.

The coating protects the top surface of your vehicle from all types of damage, including acid rain, bird droppings, grime, and dust. We use the most advanced nanotechnology to enhance the attractiveness of your automobile. The finest part about our services is that we offer excellent automobile coating at affordable pricing. Get the best coating for your Car at our car care facility. The latest advancement in the automotive market is Car paint protection film.

Ceramic coating for cars provides long-term paint protection while enhancing gloss for a showroom-like shine. The package includes decontamination, polishing, and protection treatment that will give your paint a new outlook. Paint Protection Film is a brilliant way to keep your car in fantastic condition by preventing chips, fading, rusting, and weather damage. It will also aid in contamination resistance while generating a high luster.

Wrapping is the best draping for your Car.

car wrapping in Dubaicar wrapping in Dubai is one of the most popular aftermarket modifications. With various vinyl wraps, a protective covering adheres to the Car's surface, protecting the paint, shine, and overall appearance.

Car vinyl wrapping is mainly done at specialist body shops and car service centers and requires an experienced professional. Vinyl wraps come in a variety of sizes and styles that can be fitted to your Car. This is dependent on your needs, the type of Car you want, and any other preferences you have in mind, such as cosmetics.

When foiling a car, it's essential to ensure it's applied precisely and securely, with no air bubbles or folds. As automobile foiling can greatly modify your Car's appearance, a high-quality wrap is required to ensure that it lasts for a long time. Our facility has been developed and equipped specifically for foiling and wrapping services. You will receive complete end-to-end solutions to assist you in designing your vehicle with minimal effort.

The best care for your loved Car

Our car care services in Dubai is continually evolving in terms of new processes, service development, and equipment upgrades to ensure that our customers receive a top-notch car when it leaves our center.

You can trust us to deliver you unmatched service and support by paying close attention to every detail and committing to the ultimate customer experience and satisfaction principle.

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The world is a race, and getting your automobile serviced should not put you behind the eight ball; we'll take care of that. In Dubai, SNASH CarSME provides a car pick-up and drop-off service. We value your time and money. We have a team to pick up and drop-off services. As a result, you will save both time and money by avoiding delayed service.

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